Our Work

Community Health Days

Photo Apr 20, 11 20 56 AMQuarterly clinics are hosted at Garces Dental Group where uninsured patients can receive free dental care, glucose and cholesterol screenings, physicals, breast cancer health education, and HIV screenings. In 2014, over
200 patients have been served and more than $64,000 in dental and medical services were donated.


English for the Restaurant and Everyday Living

Knife Demo 11The Garces Foundation Learning Annex serves 75 restaurant workers in nine classes for sessions lasting three months. Students are also offered restaurant skills workshops led by industry leaders, computer literacy classes, and nutrition education classes. In 2014, we have served over 150 students, representing more than 50 Philadelphia restaurants.


Luna Farm Field Trip

8638553919_7e45e23181_zDuring the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons, groups of 30-50 school-aged youth are invited to visit the Garces’ Luna Farm in Bucks County for four-hour field trips. Participants are engaged in hands on learning activities that include planting and harvesting vegetables, cooking their own lunch with produce they harvest, and participating in physical exercise and a nature walk. In 2014, over 350 youth have been served from 12 different schools or community groups spanning four counties in the greater Philadelphia region.



Puentes Trip 7-10-14 (2)In addition to its own programs, the Garces Foundation partners with Puentes de Salud’s Puentes Hacia el Futuro program and The Philadelphia School. Through its efforts, Garces Foundation is committed to providing and bringing awareness to all the resources available to the immigrant community.