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The restaurant industry is the 5th largest employer of Latinos in Philadelphia, according to the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) of Philadelphia. Additionally, 25% of restaurant workers in Philadelphia are Hispanic. As a result, there are unique needs both the industry and Hispanic restaurant workers face.

Under the leadership of program manager Jillian Gierke, the Garces Foundation runs an English language and skills program to support the unique needs of this community.

In this program, students attend class for three hours a week over a twelve-week session. This time is used to increase communication skills through language acquisition and learner confidence. Additionally, we provide students with the option to participate in skill building workshops with chefs throughout the city. In doing so, students gain additional job skills, which promote advancement in the workplace.

The English for the Restaurant and Everyday Living program is not only an adult ESL program, but it also serves as a fieldwork site for in-service and pre-service teachers. Teachers-in-training from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and Arcadia University regularly serve as interns in the areas of instruction and curriculum design. We are proud to be approved fieldwork sites with these university partners.


Class Information

Fall Session 2019: October 7 - December 20

Registration: September 17 - October 4

Call 267-648-1398 for an appointment

Información de la clase

Curso Otoño: 7 octubre - 20 diciembre

Inscripción: 17 septiembre - 4 octubre

Llamar 267-648-1398 para una cita


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